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RedBull Buen Camino

RedBull Buen Camino

A different way to do the Buen Camino, 3 days, 314km… running.

A project for Suunto Spain to be part of the Buen Camino trail-run race with a team of 6 non-professional athletes to compete but primarily, to have fun and create a unique adventure together.

We added to the adventure a network of cool brands to support the journey and the incredible group of people.

314 km, villages, hills, incredible landscapes and a united team that gave everything to complete this wonderful adventure. Today there are no words.

Thanks again to the athletes Christian Meier, Emma Snowsil, Tom Austen, Aleix Ferrer, Adrià Canimas and Deena Blacking and the partners who helped us make it possible: Buff, Alba Optics, Chance Running, Maurten, Hoka and Stern Motor.


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